About Us


Cobalt was born in 2010 while Sara Bowen, our Founder and CEO, had young children at home. Sara had a deep desire to help small businesses succeed and wanted to home for her children. 

She developed Cobalt to be a unique marketing and sales company, catering to many different business needs within her own community. Since 2010, Cobalt has grown in size with an office in Maumee, OH and employs 6 women who are also stay-at-home moms. These employees utilize their unique talents in a fun, engaging environment, while serving their families. 

Why We are Different

 Cobalt Consulting, LLC is a sales and marketing consulting company that has the capability of executing on any business project. With talent for customer management, business process development and documentation, marketing strategy, marketing collateral development, and internet presence management, our team brings high level talent to our customer.  

We Want You to Be Our Next Client

Cobalt is dedicated to superior service with quick turnaround.  The team at Cobalt will assess a project, set up an effective plan, and then execute that plan. As CEO of Cobalt Consulting, Sara Bowen has a varied background from manufacturing to marketing to sales that allows her to be a quick study on any given problem and lead her team to providing an effective solution.   

 Cobalt can be hired for specific time-sensitive projects or for ongoing support services. Cobalt Consulting is committed to providing efficient and professional support services for your current business needs. 

We truly love our clients and have fun creating unique marketing and sales  tactics to help their businesses succeed!