Innovation Process

Cobalt treats every client like a start-up,
that’s how we’re transforming marketing.

The Cobalt Innovation Process helps startups accelerate their launch and inspires teams within larger organizations to invigorate or redefine their mission, goals or direction to create measurable results.


This phase is where you define what the goals are and what rules you will be working within.

  • Purpose
  • Target
  • Impact
  • Permission


This is when you define what you are doing and why it will make a difference.

  • Reach
  • Solutions
  • Value


At this phase you define who you will be working with, who you will be influencing, and whose life you will improve with your product or service.

  • Influence
  • Network
  • Communicate


Here we will visit what the actions will be which are based on the strategy built so far. We use this phase to set the metrics for communication and to show success.

  • Action
  • Measure
  • Culture
  • Test