Fractional CMO

All the strategy and direction, at a fraction of the price.
Let’s get building!

If you need marketing leadership for a month or a year, look no further. I will set up a plan with you and accommodate your needs. You can hire me for a number of days a week, or simply to set up your marketing plans or organize and direct your team. This is a great solution for companies that just need a dose of direction and want it from someone who has the experience to give it effectively.

Capability Builder

Immediate:  Review urgent activities and install stop gap measures to encourage productivity

Strategic: Review all resources and confirm alignment with the overall goals


  • Research all talent and report on strengths and gaps
  • Discover necessary talent to bridge any gaps
  • Create cadence for these teams as needed

Growth Driver

Immediate: Consider quick changes to ensure positive growth

Strategic: Measure the possible universe for growth and set the realistic plan to achieve this growth


  • Document goals for each brand
  • Generate plans for growth for each brand

Customer Ambassador

Immediate: Identify what we are serving to our customers and make sure and issues are being addresses

Strategic: Generate a plan that gets ahead of the customer needs that will make our customer interaction efficient and effective, creating natural attraction


  • Document communication  process for each brand – considering the B to B and B to C aspect for each
  • Document gaps and create a plan to address them

Data Analyst

Immediate: Identify current reports and measurable actions

Strategic: Identify measurable points that will drive the marketing team and sales to success


  • Document all measurable goals
  • Set a plan to achieve these goals
  • Create a reporting system that communicates these to those that can impact the goals

Brand Leader

Immediate: Identify current brand messaging and distribution tools

Strategic: Generate brand messaging and distribution plan for company wide engagement and use


  • Absorb and review any work that has already been done here 
  • Work with this team and stakeholders to develop collateral plan
  • Delegate the plan to the talent we have based on the capability research

Innovation Leader

Immediate: Observe current innovations that happen in each industry segment and see what tools we are currently using

Strategic: Set up regular communications between all team members to accelerate growth and communication throughout the organization


  • Ensure the marketing efforts we are using are the best for each industry vertical
  • Set a regular market meeting cadence based on each brand and their needs including the corporate team

Marketing Mentor

Immediate: Introduce myself to all team members and discover what they need and want from a CMO

Strategic: Take a leadership role in innovation and implement what works for our organization and its maturity


  • Be available to all the team members for marketing support
  • Share all marketing efforts with transparency so that the team is educated in marketing as we move forward together